Zone Tech Trimmable for Custom Fit Cargo Mat Beige


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Product Description

★ The Zone Tech Trimmable Cargo Mat offers the protection other all-weathers mats can’t! This mat has engineered Ridges and Channels for a maximum trapping capacity. The ridges and channels guide the fluids to the lower half of the mat where a canal lies to prevent the liquid from spoiling your car interior! Dirt, grime, mud, dusts and any other unwanted elements sure have their place in this mat! ★ No need to worry about the measurements, this mat is Universal Fit! Our product designers calibrated multiple vehicles to determine the best combination of ideal fit as indicated by the trim lines so you can easily cut them for the most perfect fit! The mat is a made of a soft kind of rubber to make it easy for you to trim. An ordinary pair of scissors can do the job! ★ For long-lasting protection, this mat is made from 100% Premium Quality Rubber that never breaks nor cracks! You can never go wrong with the durability of this product. They don’t also need high maintenance. They are very easy to clean! Just cleanse with soap and water and they’ll be good as new! ★ This mat is made from rubber, but mind you, it doesn’t smell like one! The mats are odorless! With proper cleaning, it wouldn’t smell like anything but freshness! Zone Tech has prepared this product for your needs! Grab one now and you’ll get the utmost protection you never had with other mats! Zone Tech brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service!


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