OPT7 2pc Bolt AC H11B Replacement HID Bulbs [10000K Deep Blue] Xenon Light


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Product Description

Size:H11B  |  Color:10000K Deep Blue OPT7 Z-Arc HID Xenon Replacement Light Bulbs for BOLT AC HID Kits (Bulbs Only) Need a back up to your current HID bulbs? Or maybe you just want a different color? Or maybe it just needs to be replaced? Either way, easily replace your hid bulbs with OPT7 Z-Arc long lasting xenon bulbs. Rated up to 4,000 Lms Over 6,500 hrs of brilliant bulb life Requires a pair of AC HID power ballast to function (Not Included) Compatible with OPT7 BOLT HID Kits and other AC HID Kits UV-cut quartz Z-Arc bulb with vacuum induced xenon gas produce a clear beam 5x brighter than halogen! 35% less power usage than halogen and lasts 2-3x as long without fading! Insulated wiring prevents overheating and early burnout


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