Front Fender Finisher Forming & Lip Roller Rolling Fix Up Auto


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Product Description

Use this Finisher to roll the inner sheet metal lip of the front fenders to gain more clearance when going to a larger size wheel/tire combo or lowering the vehicle. Prevent tire damage from fender rub Will work on most vehicles No need to remove wheel or lift vehicle Quality constructed and will last for years Padded jaws to protect painted surfaces If you’re installing a large wheel/tire combo, lowering the front end, or simply looking to gently alter that factory edge on the wheel openings for a more custom look, this is the easiest way to do it. You can complete the job in under 30 minutes, right in your driveway or garage, since there’s no need to remove the wheels and tires, and no need for a lift. Constructed from stamped steel frame with molded hand grips and a durable powder coated finish this tool will last for years. Replaceable rubber pads (two extra included) will not damage painted surfaces and the exclusive design allows you to roll fenders without having to remove the wheel! Use a heat gun to gently heat the paint on the outside of the fender to ease the forming without damage to the paint.


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