For VW Jetta TDI 1.9L BRM SIEMENS Throttle Body Anti Shudder Valve 03G128063Q


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I. Stock, Shipping and Warranty Items in Stock Shipping Immediately Unbeatable Price Quality Warranty: 12 Months II. OEM Part Number AUDI 03G 128 063 A AUDI 03G 128 063 G AUDI 03G 128 063 M AUDI 03G 128 063 Q A2C59511699 A2C59512934 AUDI 03G128063A AUDI 03G128063G AUDI 03G128063M AUDI 03G128063Q III.The Part will fit the following Volkswagen 2005-2006 Jetta TDI BRM Eng. IV. Shipping Policies Please provide us with your full name, phone number and detailed address after placing orders. Expedited shipping, standard shipping and economy shipping are provided for you. Your detailed address will facilitate us to check the delivery time, and help couriers to dispatch your orders quickly and securely in your country. Most importantly, if you have any problems,please contact us,we will help you to solve it.thank you.


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