DDM Tuning Plus 35W Premium HID kit, Slim AC Ballasts w / Hi-Output Bulbs, 9006 / HB4, 6500K


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Size:9006  |  Color:6500K The DDM Plus Kits use our Ultra HID Bulbs and premium HID Ballasts. Why DDM Plus: aside from the higher output from our Ultra HID bulbs you also get a more efficient, faster starting ballast. BALLASTS: The DDM Plus Ballast is an improved version of our standard DDM ballasts. The Plus ballasts require less power to ignite the bulbs, limiting the need for an HID Harness. Each ballast is protected against RF feedback by an integrated ferrite bead before the ignitor to prevent and radio static. More efficient than our standard DDM ballasts the DDM Plus kits run cooler and last longer. ULTRA HID BULBS: Our Premium Ultra HID bulbs are quite simply the best. Modeled after the Osram CBI line of performance bulbs we’ve sourced quartz glass from Philips, salts from APL USA and electrodes from Plansee in Austria.. On top of this we’ve redesigned the capsule to produce up to 20% more light than the standard Apexcone HID bulbs which are already an industry leading bulb. The quartz glass is optically clear with a UV coating to protect the headlights from UV radiation. The warm up time on the Ultra bulbs is about 20% quicker than Apexcone bulbs and will reach full brightness in 10-15 seconds. ALIGNMENT: Manufactured in a state of the art facility using automated processes we guarantee perfect alignment of the xenon capsule for the best beam pattern possible. OUTPUT: 35W: Up to 3400 Lumens with a 4500K bulb WARRANTY: As always our HID kits come with a lifetime warranty. KIT INCLUDES: 2 x DDM Plus HID Ballasts 2 x Ultra HID Bulbs 2 x Application Specific Adaptor Cables


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