Custom Seat Covers for Ford F-250-550 Front Seats – Charcoal Insert Leatherette


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Product Description

Color:Charcoal Insert Our Leatherette custom seat covers are manufactured out of a high-grade vinyl to create a fabric that is stain, waterproof, and highly resistant to tears. Leatherette seat covers are the perfect car or truck accessory to upgrade your interior and provide worry-free protection so you can guarantee that no matter where life takes you, your car or truck seats are protected in style. Our fabric is mildew resistant and to further enhance these awesome car/truck accessories, we have added a ¼ inch foam backing to increase the comfort, fit, and durability. Leatherette seat covers are available in either a two-tone or solid color design. These seat covers are custom-made from OEM seat measurements and are meant to fit seamlessly over existing upholstery.


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