Connected Essentials Honda CRV Floor Mats (2012-2016) by Deluxe Floor Mat in Black with Black Trim


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Product Description

Tailored Fit For Safety and ComfortProtect your car with our tailored and custom fit car mats for little more cost than inferior universal car mat sets.Reduce the impact of mud, dirt and all else we carry on our footwear into our cars. Reduce general wear and tear and protect the resale value of your vehicle.Universal fitment mats are always a compromise and usually a poor one. Very often universal mats don’t snugly fit your vehicle and are not as secure as a tailored custom fit mat. From our UK factory Connected Essentials provide a complete tailored fit solution for your vehicle. There is no need for cutting, tearing or folding – all of our mats are guaranteed to fit your car and include clips (where applicable) to secure them.The CEM500 Mat has been manufactured using the highest quality, Deluxe automotive carpet for its strength and durability. It has been carefully cut to size then trimmed by our skilled seamstresses in black binding. The anti-slip backing ensures secure positioning and the additional heel pad on the driver’s mat of the same thicknesses as the mat itself helps to extend the life of our mats and protect your footwear from rub marks.This set includes 3 black mats and has been designed to fit Honda CRV (2012-2016)Our mats are specially designed and tailored for vehicle manufacturer model and type. Please check your requirements to the product description to be sure of the correct fit.


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