CatClamp Standard Kit


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Product Description

The CatClamp is adjustable from 1-3/4′ – 3′ exhaust pipes and comes with 40 ft of wire rope. 6 different sized shims come in the package to easily change the clamps to your size exhaust. Any muffler shop can install this product. We can also walk installers through the process of installation over the phone. We have a list of installers in your area if you need any help finding someone to install. When properly tightened, the CatClamp will not make any noise. Over/under tightening could cause strain and result in a rattling noise. The CatClamp design surrounds the catalytic converter with aircraft grade wire rope. This rope attaches to the exhaust pipes and the chassis, rather than attaching directly to the converter. This allows all size and shape converters to be protected and eliminates the risk of damaging the converter, heat shield and oxygen sensors. We recommend checking clearance under your vehicle after verifying pipes are 3′ or under. The clamps need a small amount of clearance to not touch any near by parts.


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